Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Chairs: 2nd Edition

When I saw these at my neighbor's garage sale, my heart skipped a beat. I'd been gazing at them from across my fence (in her backyard) for three years. Could it be true? They were for sale? REALLY?

Yes, really!

And I couldn't get to them fast enough. I almost fell, scrambling out of my car and running across the yard to stake my claim. I couldn't believe they were STILL there! I was shocked that someone hadn't snatched them up! It was noon for goodness sake!

She said they brought lots of interest, but no takers. People didn't want to pay the price. Well, what was her price, you ask?

Only $15 for the PAIR! That's right! Only $7.50 a piece. They'd be at least $30 a piece at an antique shop.

And now I can gaze at them from my kitchen window, in MY backyard. Boy, do they make me happy.

So now I have two more to add to my previous set of two, not exactly matching of course, but that's part of their charm.