Saturday, December 5, 2009


So my blog was tagged as a "fabulous blog" by Whitney. I'm not sure it's really fabulous, but I'll play along anyway and say, "THANK YOU, Whitney!"

Since I was tagged, I must disclose five obsessive compulsive traits that I exhibit. I have no idea what having a fabulous blog and admitting obsessive compulsive traits have in common, but like I said, I'm playing along.......

1. I have a "placement and order" issue. I think I've addressed this before. It has to do with decorating in my home. Or in the arrangement of my classroom. No clutter allowed (with the exception of my special room). If I place a Christmas decoration in a particular spot on my entryway table, I will know if it's been moved or messed with. I'm super particular about how things are arranged on my desk at school or on my kitchen counters or even with my furniture. I'll move something ten times to get it right where I want it. If it's an eighth of an inch off, it's gonna have to be moved. For instance, these trees took about 30 minutes to arrange. They had to be just so! Symmetry plays a part too. The dining room table must be directly under the chandelier and look the same from all sides. The crystal ball at the bottom of the chandelier MUST be directly centered over the table. At school, the Kleenex box must be squarely placed on the microwave. The paper towel holder and electric pencil sharpener must be in their spot. I let it go throughout the day, but everyday after the kids leave, I walk around the room and straighten all of it.

2. Instead of sucking my thumb as a child, I held my ear lobe. There I said it. Stop laughing now. Sometimes, I find myself still doing that. I don't even realize it's happening. It must be comforting? I have no idea. Just say "lobe" and I'll quit. For a minute. Until I forget again.

3. At school, I will write directions, the lunch menu, or the schedule on the board, and if I don't like how it looks, I will erase the whole thing and redo it until it looks perfect. I should've purchased some stock options for Expo markers.

4. I'm a picker: peeling sunburnt skin, scabs, hangnails. There is something gratifying about it. And gross. But luckily, I'm not alone in this strange trait. Right, Whitney?

5. This sort of goes against issue #1, but it's true. I'm a hoarder or more affectionately known as a pack rat. I struggle with getting rid of sentimental things. I think I inherited this trait from dad. This problem is a bit odd, since I hate clutter. But that's what a "special room" or closet is for. You can shut the door! Out of sight? Out of mind! Well, not really. I'm trying to get control of this trait. I'd really like to reclaim that 3rd bedroom from the hoarding abyss. But here's my thinking: I might want that poodle skirt for a costume, not to mention my grandma made it for me. I'll want to pass my dolls and stuffed animals down one day. I'll decorate with that mirror when the room is cleaned out. Oh, I might need that paperwork one of these days. This line of thinking has got to stop. I'm working on it. I did a great job parting with things this summer (my sweet sofa). Maybe next summer will inspire the same attitude.

Now to tag some fabulous blogs. I know Ashley and Andrea have already been tagged, but I'm double tagging them! I'd also like to tag Carla, Amanda, Randi Jo, and Andrea S. All of you are fab! And tag! You're IT!


  1. These are all the reasons I think you're great!!!!

  2. YEAH!!! As soon as this paper is done, I have something to do with my blog. Now that you mention the ear thing, I totally see it, ha! And I agree with Whit, all of these things make me love ya more!

  3. Fun blog entry! I will try to get to mine sometime this weekend.

  4. Loved reading this blog. Funny that I knew that about the "lobe" because of Kenny calling you out on it before! No wonder I always thought that your board/room looked so! Great blog.