Sunday, August 2, 2009

Third Annual Garage Sale

An event I look forward to every summer is the annual garage sale at Whit's house. How is it that from year to year, we can fill a driveway with stuff to get rid of?

Last year, we had plenty of time for some fun. This year, after listing the sale on Craigslist, we did NOT have time to do anything silly, which was fine, because we made the BUCKS.

The first thing to sell was my infamous sign. This special sign did not sell last year. But after listing a picture of it along with our ad on Craigslist, my high priced vintage sign was vindicated. No more mocking the sign. It sold for $45.00.

The new elephant in the driveway became my chaise lounge.

It was priced pretty high, due to sentimental value and an original price that was pretty hefty. But when you have three sofas in a house with two living areas, and one sofa is very impractical, you have to make sacrifices.

Day one went by with a few askers but no takers. But then day two came, my price dropped, and my beloved chaise was hauled away. I took a moment with my sofa......had our final words.......

And then it was gone.

It did make me sad. We'd been together for over ten years. I had wanted that sofa so badly when I worked at JCPenney. I'd walk by it daily. And one day, finally, it was mine.

There's a little hole in my heart now, but as the days go by, it'll heal and the pain will go away.

Goodbye, sweet sofa, goodbye.


  1. Oh that is a sad little entry : (

  2. That post made me sad,too! Sorry for your loss.

    That is where we got that!!! What would you call that piece??

    I LOVED it in there... but everything was SOO expensive. They did come down $100!! I said SOLD!