Saturday, August 15, 2009

Locked Out

Yesterday afternoon, I locked myself out of my house.

It's surprisingly easy to do.

I never panicked. I did pace the yard for about ten minutes trying to decide what to do. Should I sit around for 2 hours waiting for Kenny to get off work? Or should I approach a neighbor to borrow their phone (to call my mom and dad)???

Waiting around for 2 hours in my backyard had no appeal to it. So to a neighbor's house it was. First, I had to decide which neighbor to approach. I had a few options. Did I go with my neighbor who plays the fiddle in the middle of his driveway (on occasion) and who used to ask me out every time we talked, OOORRRR should I ring the doorbell of an older lady who likes to talk about the other neighbors and who you can't get away from to save your life........who likes to tell me what I'm doing wrong with my current house project or tell me what's wrong with my house. For instance, did I know there was a hole in the floor of my laundry room? Well, no.....but I'm pretty sure there ISN'T a hole in the floor of my laundry room.

I decided I'd go with my older lady friend, but before I walked across the street, I tried one more thing.........sticking my arm into my barely cracked car window to retrieve my garage door opener...........which got me nowhere, of course.

About an hour later, I was happily sitting on my couch, after mom came to rescue me. I am thankful for neighbors who let you borrow their phone, and who are very hospitable while telling you that the first owner of the home put new siding over old, moldy siding. Thank you, neighbor, thank you.


  1. This reminds me of those old "choose your own adventure" books for kids. This story could've gone so many places with so many options! I would've picked creepy, fiddle playin' Casanova. But I'm kinda mean, so... :)

  2. It sounds like your neighbor comes over to your house on occasion when your not there or something! Creepy fiddle guy could have been fun!!

    Whitney what ever happened to those books? I loved them!