Saturday, August 29, 2009


Weekends are now very precious. I need to go into the workweek feeling that my weekend lived up to it's potential. This last weekend sure did.

Friday night, Kenny and I went to the first home football game. To see the band, of course. They looked great. I still got nervous when the girls tossed their flags and rifles. I got sad, teary eyed, and a bit wistful when I went over to talk to the girls, but had a whole new kinda fun just being a spectator.......and not wearing a band director shirt with khaki pants......and eating concession stand food.

Saturday: Two faves at Panera first thing in the morning..........Pumpkin Spice Latte (back for the fall, for a limited time) and a spinach artichoke souffle (heavenly). Next, a trip to the Farmer's Market for flowers for the newly renovated kitchen............

Then I just COULD NOT resist buying fresh produce while I was there. Mom's new potatoes and green beans are always so tasty, I thought I'd give it a go!

Later, I shopped for my sister's baby shower and got some mall time in for ME (complete with buyer's remorse.........stupid Express). When Kenny got home, we finally fixed the kitchen outlets.............then I sealed the grout on the backsplash!

Much better!

Now let's get to next weekend..........a THREE day weekend!

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  1. Weekends are the best especially three day weekends!!!!