Tuesday, August 11, 2009

End of Summer

As I left the movie theater today, a panic attack ensued. I found myself short of breath, and my chest felt heavy. I felt like my throat was closing in! I think I was hyperventilating.



Meetings begin tomorrow. Students arrive a week from today.

Today marked the end of freedom.

But I couldn't have had a better summer....................
  • Got married
  • Had a Hawaiian honeymoon
  • Went on a camping/float trip
  • Got a pedicure with sissy and friends
  • Watched a matinee at the movie theater
  • Had lunch out more than once
  • Enjoyed lake time with knee boarding, tubing, and laying on a raft
  • Got to babysit my nephew
  • Had lots of pool time
  • Went to the farmers market and got bouquets
  • Spent sissy's birthday with mom, sissy, and Alex......shopping and lunch
  • Was in a photo shoot at the Ozark Empire Fair in my wedding dress
  • Had an hour massage
  • Went to visit Grampy
  • Visited favorite antique shops
It was so good, I'm not ready for it to end. I'm still sad, but my toes look good.

I've gotta get my head in the game!

Should I already be thinking about and hoping for snow days?

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  1. Fun! I Want to hear more about your Ozark Empire Fair photo shoot! That's where we took our trash the dress pics last year after our wedding!