Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Gross, Gross, Gross

Recently, during an inside recess, a toy skittered across the floor and under my desk. As I leaned down to retrieve it for the kiddo, I made this horrific discovery:

Yes, that is a huge dustbunny/hairball attached to the bottom of my desk chair.

I think I threw up in my mouth a little when I saw it.

Then I cracked up.

I was too afraid to remove it. It really grossed me out. But not only that, I sort of wanted to see how long it hangs around. Like a little experiment.

Oh, Charlie.......


  1. Bahhahahahahaha... You should see all the little treasures behind my desk. I have not ever discovered a hair ball.
    At first I thought your picture was showing a dent in the floor from the bottom of your chair...

  2. Anything that large develops it own personality over time. I believe that dustball's name is Deter. He is German and enjoys mogul skiing. He makes a mean sauerkraut. He is also on FaceBook.(I should introduce Deter to "Cindy". She lives over in my room, but she has a bit of a reputation.)

  3. Won't the rat eat that dustbunny/hairball? :)