Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Memory Lane

Lots of things can take you back..............

A song............

Although just one of many, I'm immediately transported back to high school when I hear it........and I can conjure up specific places and memories associated with songs like this. I would even try to catch favorite songs on the radio to record with my boom box! Oh, the tapes I made......

A movie...........I am reminded of being
totally freaked out as a 9 or 10 year old, when the cute and cuddly Gizmo transformed into a nightmare inducing monster! I think I spent most of the movie peeking through my fingers. I can't believe my parents let me watch this movie!

Even fashion........two years ago I never would have thought that I'd be THRILLED that skinny jeans were BACK............I was adamantly against their revival, initially. But now I wear them happily, however, not with scrunchy socks and high top Reeboks.......

But even after all that, nothing takes me back more immediately than this:

Elementary gym class had many disadvantages: volleyball, dribbling skills...........the list is long.

But it also had its advantages, the parachute being one of them. Every year, Mr. Steele would get the record player out, along with the multicolored parachute, and gym would be heaven on earth for a few weeks. Nothing thrilled me more, with the exception of his gymnastics/tumbling unit.

And as I stared down into the gym last week, Mr. Steele (who is now a coworker) was coaching my class in the ways of the parachute. I even think that same record was playing when I went down to join my them.

There's no better way to be transported back in time than by joining in on the fun. So for the last five minutes of gym, I followed the directions of the grainy sounding record, along with my class. And laughed and smiled. And remembered.

Sweet childhood memories.....


  1. Love this entry! Things that take me back:

    Song: "Careless Whisper" - My friend and I tried to play it on our recorders. That did not work out.

    Movie: "Howard the Duck" affected me much the way "Gremlins" affected you.

    Fashion: Jellyshoes are right up there with the high top Reeboks. It's such a tie.

    Game/toy: Unfortunately, my school did not do the parachute unit. (But I quite enjoy it now as an adult! Love the thrill of the shark game!) But remember the old PogoBalls? Oh my gosh. You are talking to the Grand Master Champion. Did you realize?

  2. While I wasn't blessed with Coach Steele for PE, I too remember the great parachute. I miss being a kid. Perhaps after school one day we should sneak down to the gym and pull out the parachute. I loved going under it and pulling it down to make a big tent. Thanks for memory lane!

  3. I LOVE the parachute! If you and Ashley follow through with that plan, please invite me. We actually will probably need more than 3 of us to make the big parachute work =)

  4. Good ole Mr. Steele!! What name will you be called this week?? Grandma or pony tail? The poor man just can't remember names, oh well! But yes, I always loved the parachute times!!! Greatness!! Now, to come back and do it again sometime!!

  5. The parachute! I always loved it. I think you guys should do a parachute routine for the staff talent show this year. :)

  6. Loved this entry. Whitney.....challenge you to the the pogoball. I absolutely loved that thing! Fashion....banana clips! Remember those!