Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Urban Outfitters

I have decided that I love Urban Outfitters. I heart, heart, HEART their "furnishings" and "decorating" items! Here are just a few things on my wish list.......

This mini cake stand is just precious. And since I have a collection of regular cake stands, this mini one is calling my name! I like clear glass jars and containers too, which is just another reason why I covet this. Forget pine cones! Imagine a cupcake or stack of cookies in there! You want one now too, don't you?

Next, this Wonder Woman mug is a necessity for my morning cup of coffee. Why? As a child, I was incredibly attached to my Wonder Woman Underoos and doll. I wore the underoos all the time and still have my doll. (Remember? Sentimental packrat!) I had a Wonder Woman hand mirror too! OH AND MY WONDER WOMAN LUNCHBOX! How could I have forgotten? Of course, I have it! Collector's item people!

Last but not least, I found this amazingly cute wall hook! Now what does that color remind you of??? Can you say "Rushing Stream" by Valspar? I can just picture this in my future bathroom with a robe or towel hanging from it! It has that vintage look that I love too! Maybe two of them even! Side-by-side. Or one would even look cute in a bedroom! With a fun vintage hat or purse hanging from it!

What a random group of stuff, huh? It's not all that surprising coming from me, I'm sure. Check the site out, and you can make a random wish list of your own! But you have to promise to tell me what you find! Have fun browsing.....


  1. Did you post this a few weeks before your birthday for a reason? haha thanks for the ideas =)

  2. Listen to the sound of me choking as I realize how the timing of this blog is a little suspect.

    Oh dear!!!!!


    It actually should have been titled, "The Mr. was away. I was so bored." I honestly didn't even THINK about my birthday ONCE. In fact, I'd like to FORGET it.


    Fine readers, I promise this wasn't a birthday hint blog.


    Oh brother.

  3. Oh hush, just giving you a hard time... It is always so hard to buy for you and I am very thankful for the information provided to me via the blog world. I know this wasn't suggestive, in fact, I wouldn't be surprised if they are in the shopping cart on UO just waiting to be purchased (you are like me in that regard, see something you like and just go for it). So, zip it =)

  4. This website sounds like a good way to efficiently spend my computer lab break today. hahaha...

  5. Ash, I was thinking the same thing. Love getting a few ideas for birthday!!!