Monday, April 26, 2010

Ugly Bathroom Contest

Tomorrow is D-Day.

The day I find out if I'm a finalist (or not) in the Ugly Bathroom Contest.

I'm optimistic.

optimistic though. I feel great about my 500 character essay. And I feel like my bathroom is ugly enough. But it's out of my control. And who knows how many horrific bathrooms are floating around out there in 417 land???

I submitted my entry about two weeks ago. I wrote my poem (exactly 500 characters ~ easier said than done) and had been sitting on it for days. I was absolutely downright nervous about actually hitting the "submit" button. I had uploaded my pictures a time or two before and hadn't been able to go through with it. Then finally one night, I just did it. My heart pounding all the while.

The submission required a 500 character essay and two photos. Limiting myself to 500 characters was the biggest challenge of them all. I decided to write a poem (thank you to Whit for this idea). My first poem was about 700 characters. I whittled and whittled and finally got it down to this:

Please fix my bathroom oh the reasons why
If you saw it it'd make you cry

The floor has a hole patched by plastic and nail
Tile is coming up so your foot you may impale

Walls are adorned in vintage wallpaper
Its velvety texture must undergo a scraper

Sliding shower doors are a haven for mold
The stained tub floor leaves me feeling cold

An outdated light fixture and countertop too
This 1967 time capsule makes me very blue

Come to my rescue 417 Magazine
Begging you please overhaul this latrine


Then I uploaded this:

And this:

And now it's in the hands of the 417 Magazine staff, I suppose. No matter what happens, I'm happy with my attempt. And I'll never regret trying! It was worth a shot!


  1. Cannot wait to hear results! CANNOT. WAIT.

  2. I can't wait to hear!!!! GOOD LUCK!!!

  3. That is great! They would be foolish not to pick you!