Tuesday, June 22, 2010

In Between Fun

Last week, list making flew out the window, and I was focused on fun. Lunches out, a baseball game, pool time, shopping, and even two different garage sale trips. But in the middle of all the fun, a few things were accomplished.

Mom taught me the ways of the cobbler. I did have all those berries to use up!

I'd like to claim that the cobbler making was 50/50. But really it was more 70/30 (mom/me). Mom has it down to a fine art.

You do not mess with perfection.

You observe it.


Next, my new kitchen fixture arrived! Out with the old copper circa 1967 fixture and in with the brand new stainless steel beauty. Sort of vintage schoolhouse-esque. Just what I wanted.

The mister sent me for light bulbs (conveniently right in the middle of the install). And when I got back, the light was up and glowing!

I did forgive him for sending me away. I am a hoverer. If I can't do something, I hover to learn how.

Or to manage.

And it's possible that it could also be perceived as controlling.

He was justified in his errand request.


Once again, you do not mess with perfection.

You leave when it's occurring, so as to not irritate the perfectionist.


  1. Niiice. Your [mom's] cobbler looks tasty, tasty!

    And your [Kenny's] install looks fine, fresh, and fierce... like a California Gurl.

  2. Love it! Jealous on your outting last week. I need a Saturday home to garage sale it up. I might drive around on Friday, I need frames!

  3. Cobbler looks great....I love cobblers!