Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Love & Hate

Sir Chester's cone collar.........

Sir Chester underwent a little snip snip last week. And because he is a "chewer," he is required to wear that contraption for at least a week.

He hates it.

I hate it.

Why, you wonder???

Sir Chester's vision and depth perception are quite impaired with the wearing of the cone. Thus, my poor shins have become incredibly scratched and scraped from the sharpish plastic device.

Poor shins.

That is why I hate the cone.

Sir Chester hates the cone for entirely different reasons. He can't scratch his head, although he repeatedly tries (and the sound of dog paw on plastic is not music to the ears). He can't reach his nether regions (which is the purpose of the cone). And it really does impede his eating and drinking practices.

Poor Chester.

That is why Chester hates the cone.


Love: Vintage gardening paraphernalia.......

Watering my flowers is way more fun when I use old stuff for this job. The watering can belonged to Kenny's grandmother. Dad gave me the old brass nozzle for my hose. And I picked up that cute vintage sprinkler at an antique sale. It totally works........

Who wouldn't wanna run through that on a hot summer day? Or at least water the hostas.....


  1. Ohhh, Sir Chester. So sorry you have to wear the "cone of shame." It's pretty cute though. I have to say...

  2. Poor little Sir Chester. I am sure that he will feel like a new dog in a few days when he can take that thing off!

    Love the sprinkler!!!

  3. Oh Sir Chester, the knife to knight you went a little low and you must now wear a cone....
    We should run through the sprinkler sometime, you know relive the younger years.

  4. I think I am in love with Sir Chester ~ he is adorable! As is your blog! Hope to be back for more visiting soon! Blessings, kt