Sunday, June 6, 2010


I'm a fair weather list maker.

I make lists randomly. Only on rare occasions, really. Usually, in times when I feel like I have lots on my plate at work. Or at Christmas, when I'm preparing to shop for gifts.

Sometimes, I'll revisit the list and mark something off. But more often than not, after I make the list, I rarely look at it again.

I think that's because after I've taken the time write it out, I remember what I've got to accomplish, and I don't need to refer to it again.

Gosh, I don't know.


Now that summer is one week shorter, and last week was lovely, lazy, and unproductive, I have to do something to motivate myself.

And I think that something is a list. A weekly goal list. Infused with fun and productivity. This week will be my trial run.......
  • Monday: Work on organizing something in the house that is in disarray, such as: my closet. And swim with the sister and her bebes.
  • Tuesday: Lunch with Julie. Keep on that organizing. Finish closet or start my spare bedroom (a.k.a. the "special" room).
  • Wednesday: Swim with Ash and Whit. Ummmm, and work on special room some more.
  • Thursday: Cleaning out gutters with dad's help (he's my ladder go to guy). Maybe I can convince him to help hang my new hummingbird feeder too.
  • Friday: Possibly take my car in for inspection. It's that time of year again.....tag renewal time. The Red Baron turns 12 this month. Oh, and while being inspected.....get the right blinker fixed. And the air conditioner.
Okay, this is a good start. I already feel better about the week ahead. Maybe this will keep me on track, and I'll accomplish even MORE.

But today is Sunday. And I left it off my list for a reason. One last day of whatever. I think we're heading to grampy's house. And I think I want to make homemade ice cream when we get there.

Uh oh, I feel another list coming on..............what ingredients do I need?


  1. Good luck with your list. I do the same thing (not picking it up again) but it's amazing how once I've given it enough importance to list it, it usually gets done. Homemade ice cream sounds good. Jan

  2. I hung my hummingbird feeder on Friday (well with my mom's help). She got me an S hook from Lowe's so it sits quite nicely off of a branch on the tree by my kitchen window. Lovely. Hope to see you Wednesday!!!

  3. Love the list! Let's check off our accomplishments together!

  4. Sounds like a pretty great week! Have fun!