Saturday, September 18, 2010


Sir Chester is a chew-toy-snob.

Observe the flat piece of rawhide in the background...........

The turkey wouldn't touch it. It was even the Milk Bone brand!

He prefers his Dollar Tree rawhides and fake roadkill (barely visible next to paw).

Now onto other things.......

The vintage tile in the entryway is much more appealing in that last picture than when I'm looking at it for real. I sort of like it. It makes me want to keep it.

But in person, it's superskanky. No matter how much I clean it, it still appears dingy. I've always loved the pattern, but the color did not hold up over time.

Keep it or kick it to the curb?


  1. I'll have to inspect it when I come over next time. But looks good in photo, I agree!

  2. I really like the pattern so I googled cleaning tile. Lots of sites, but here is one that had white tile as well. Check it out!