Monday, September 6, 2010


So you think you don't mind rodents*. You'll even hold them or pet them.

*Let's clarify: hamsters, gerbils, or even a small "pet" mouse.

Until your dog has one cornered in one of the open kitchen cabinets. And then he's scrambling around the house chasing it.

Then you find yourself paralyzed. Unable to move, but frantically screaming.

When the terror subsides, the mister tricks you into thinking it's back. And you're running for your life and screeching again.


This happened. A few days ago. In our house.

The mouse is still on the loose.

I want Bob to finish the kitchen. STAT.

I want to be able to close those cabinet doors over a box of Decon or a trap of some sort. I want to plug those stupid holes for the plumbing that the mouse probably crawled though.

Evidently, I'm scared of mice. In my house.

But I'll still pet random pet rodents.


  1. This is rat karma from all the rat shenanigans at school.

  2. You are still brave. One of my kids from last year tried to throw a tiny frog, smaller than a nickel at me on the playground today and I screamed like a baby.