Monday, August 30, 2010

Love & Hate

Hate: Not being able to use my vintage cabinet in the newly remodeled bathroom........

Because the mister bought a new one (behind my back) that matches the vanity and hung it while I was at work.......

Now I realize that many of you are beside yourself at the sight of my vintage cabinet. But I had plans for it. Nothing a little wire brush and spray paint couldn't fix. Can't you just see it above the toilet?

Oh well.

Secretly, I do like the new cabinet.

Don't tell the mister.

And now I have new plans for the vintage one. Just wait til the laundry room gets an overhaul.


Love: Sir Chester and amusement parks.......

Sir Chester: He likes to hang out in the kitchen cabinets, since the doors still haven't been installed yet.....

This pastime is coming to a close for Sir Chester as Bob made an appearance last week to work on the kitchen.

Amusement parks: Me likey some roller coasters at night. Especially when the temperature is perfect. And you're with great friends.

More on amusement parks:
I also like winning prizes for looking younger than I actually am...........

This amusement park "game" consisted of me standing there while being asked a question or two. Then the worker guessed my age.

He guessed 27.


And now I have another, more authentic, sombrero to dress JFK busts with.


  1. Night rides on the coasters are the best! I can't wait to see what the laundry room renovation will look like!