Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mirror Mirror

I am thankful for something today.

Actually two things.....

1. Tomorrow is Friday (school started this week).
2. The mister is pretty darn patient with my ever-changing mind.

The bathroom still was mirrorless this week. And after hunting and hunting and hunting, I purchased two beveled oval mirrors without frames.

But after hanging one, I knew I hated it.........

It felt skimpy or something. Not big enough or substantial enough for the vanity. So after all the centering and measuring and leveling, the mister took it down (without grumbling), and we started from square one. That meant another trip to Lowe's. And more receipts to add to the vintage receipt holder too.

But that Lowe's trip was productive. We found mirrors that were the same COLOR and BRAND of our vanity. New stock had been added since the vanity purchase, and boy, were we in business..........

How bout those babies? The jewel in the crown? The cat's meow? The bee's knees?

Completely perfect.

And did you see the towel bars?

And did you notice the matching towels?

And how they match a particular shower curtain?

Heaven on earth, that bathroom.


  1. Oh man, oh man. The mirrors do it for me. That is the icing on the cake. Absolutely.

  2. They look great! Glad Kenny didn't give you any grief!

  3. LOVE the mirrors, meow meow. Need to see this place in person.

    *gonat (I will now always be including my word verification, they just make me giggle)

  4. Danavee, I am very impressed by this remodel! I love the before pictures (as I scrolled through the blog) because it showed me what a huge difference it is. Congrats! Looks great!