Tuesday, August 24, 2010

In Session

Remember this?

And the panic it created a few weeks ago?

Well, things have gotten a little better.......

Stuff is in its place now. Kiddos have moved in. School is in session. We've made it through five whole days.

Still working out the kinks in this new space. Trying to not hate the buttery walls and orange chairs. Wishing my blue and brown theme was much more obvious.....

I promise I have a theme going on. See that brown rug? Well, I have brown matching curtains too! See those blue shades? Well, there are blue accents on the bulletin boards.

But, alas, what can you do with orange chairs, except squint and pretend they're, well, not orange.


  1. Ewww - those are gross looking. Does everyone in your building have the joy of orange and butter?
    My first classroom (in AZ) had a sort of mint-greenish wall with salmon splotched on the backwall where a previous tried her hand (unsuccessfully) at sponge painting. I covered it with textbooks on shelves.
    Glad you guys are settling in. Still trying to figure out how I can sub - Mike's work schedule and the new later hours for elementary are causing me some grief.

  2. Yes, Amanda. Orange and butter all around the fourth grade. Ew and a half!

  3. It looks more like you. I know the boxes must have given you hives. My new room is over the sinkhole. I could lose all of my belongings one day. Hopefully that makes you feel a little better about horrible orange chairs?

  4. It looks great....orange chairs and all!