Monday, August 9, 2010

Diary of a Bathroom ~ Entry 3

Regarding paint: My mind changed three times.

I started with this idea for my vintage dream:

Then moved to this, in order to match a shower curtain, after my vintage dream came crashing down:

In reality it looked nothing like this online sample.

So finally, I settled on this:

And on Day 6 ~ August 2, 2010 ~ the bathroom was painted.........

All the tile was grouted too!

On Day 7 ~ August 3, 2010 ~ the vanity and fixtures were installed!

Then on Day 8 ~ August 4, 2010 ~ I came home to an almost finished bathroom. Crown molding and trim were added.......

We thought that all we had left to do was agree upon a shower curtain, hang the mirrors, and install the towel bars.

We soon discovered we were wrong.......

Upon taking the first shower, we were surprised by what I dubbed as Old Faithful. Yes, a geyser of sorts appeared in our new bathroom, with a puddle soon to follow.

Now what?

I'll keep you posted.


  1. Oh no! What happened? It looks really great!

  2. The bathroom looks amazing! Hope your problem is fixed soon.

  3. Seriously, Danavee... it look SO great. Do you love it???!!! (I like this shower curtain too.)