Sunday, August 15, 2010

Over Budget

You might think a vintage receipt holder would make me feel better about going over budget on the bathroom remodel.

Surprisingly, it really didn't.

But it was a handy (and super cute) way to keep all the receipts to Lowe's in one place.

I haven't totaled them up yet. But my dwindling savings account proves the over budget business. And that's okay, vintage receipt holder or not. Because does anyone need a reminder of how bad our situation was?

And how glorious it is now?

I hear choirs of angels every time I walk in the new bathroom.

Forget starting a new school year. I should design bathrooms for a living.


  1. Totally worth every penny! I can't wait to see it in person...

  2. We need to have a bathroom pounding for you. Bring towels and soaps and all that is bathroom to overflow your shelves. Perhaps a bathroom and kitchen pounding.

    PS my word verification was sunize. Reminds me of shazam only it's sunize. These things crack me up.

  3. I wouldn't even total them. Just know that you love it and it was well worth whatever was spent!