Monday, September 27, 2010

Love & Hate


1. All things Farmers' Market..........

I can't resist Farmers' Market flowers.

It's impossible.

I try!

But I always come home with some.......

And that vase? It's part of a collection I'm building for that skanky area above the dishwasher in the kitchen. It's from Leola's.

Of course it's vintage.


My hairdresser also sets up at the market to sell her handmade jewelry. I've purchased several pieces from her. I found this at her booth for half off this weekend......

And she gifted the earrings to me for free!

It was all wrapped in that hilarious flamingo bag.

Flamingos make everything better.


2. Pumpkins......

We took a trip to the pumpkin patch.

Which isn't really a patch.

It's more like a big cage.

With every type of pumpkin under the sun........

I like the different-er varieties. No normal pumpkins for me.

My favorites are called Cinderella and Fairytale.

And that's exactly what came home with me......

For more fall-ifying of the house.....




I have zero interest in the sport. But it takes over my life every fall.

Sunday afternoon.

Monday night.

I am a football widow.

Now don't confuse my hatred of football with my affection for attending high school football games. I have the band, after all, to look forward to, along with the atmosphere and concession stand vittles.

Anyway, if you can't tell, I don't care about football. But I do like hearing the mister scream and shout from the other room when his team scores a touchdown.

And I like the food that accompanies football.

Food always makes things better.

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  1. I am a football widow too. I really tried to 'get into the game', even 'like it' a wee bit when we were first married, but yeah, that never happened. But I also couldn't imagine Fall without my husband watching the game either...even if it is on every Sat afternoon and Sunday evening and night and Monday night and... oh well.

    Hey, looked up sir chester and his cone. I can so relate, it's been a long day with her cone...I'm dreading this next week!