Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cute Dog, Skanky Carpet

Sir Chester has the cutest habit. He recently started to nuzzle his leash when he wants a walk......

I know! I know!

You are so overcome by the unsightly, skanky carpet that you can't really appreciate Sir Chester's cuteness.

I'm so sorry. It bums me out too. But never fear!

Hardwood flooring has been purchased.....

That is bamboo actually. Bob the builder is going to install it. It's going in the front living room, right off the kitchen.

This project was high on my priority list when I bought my 1967 time capsule, so I'm thrilled the materials are sitting in my garage ready to go. I hope to have it finished before the holidays. Maybe I could host Thanksgiving or Christmas this year!?!?!?

On second thought, do I really want to?

Forget I mentioned that.


  1. I see you never took your rain boots back?

  2. I feel them, yo. Rain boots and skinny jeans are rockin.

  3. How was the cost of the bamboo? And why bamboo? We are wanting to redo our floors this winter, and need to price carpet vs. hardwood vs. laminate wood flooring. Yikes!

  4. We got it for $3.49 a foot from Lumber Liquidators. We didn't start out looking for bamboo on purpose. The deal was just so incredible. Bamboo is the hardest hardwood out there, with the best rating for moisture resistance and durability. Lumber Liquidators is over on East Chesnut, and they have a range of prices and products. No carpet though.