Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Four Things

Thing #1: On the way home after an errand tonight, I was thrilled to spot Taco Wagon II and immediately wanted some of their tasty vittles for dindin.

So I batted my eyelashes at the mister and asked if we could eat there, pretty please.

Then he sort of confessed to sneaking it behind my back for lunch today.


I could barely drag him there the first time. He was very much against the Taco Wagon.

And now he's sneaking it for lunch?

And this isn't the first time, he claims.

I see how it is.


Thing #2: This is quite possibly the best pencil sharpener I've ever seen.......

The pencil goes in the nostril.

I wish I'd thought of that.

Thank goodness for school book fairs that sell trinkets. Unfortunately, there was only one for sale (by accident) and one of my students snapped it up before I could.

I wish I'd been able to purchase a few. Or five.

Who wouldn't want to find one in their stocking on Christmas morn?


Thing #3: On a recent antiquing jaunt, I found this........

I found it at a new shop in town. I fell in love with the place.......Relics.

I loved my purchase. The mister wasn't as excited. It was made clear, that in no uncertain terms, the mister would not be using it for anything.


Thing #4: I was on a mission after school today.

To find part of my Halloween costume.

At a thrift store.

I had a feeling that I'd find just what I needed there. And I was right.........

The Red Rack had a plethora of circa 1990's era pleated, plaid skirts. That little number was only $1.44.

Now who does this force you to conjure up in your mind?

Think SNL.

Guess who?????


  1. Are you going to go around backwards jumping/crashing into furniture and cake tables at this party? I dare you.

  2. Kati: You got it!

    Nancy: YAY!!!! Remember last Halloween with our Kelly? Nothing could beat that.

    Whit: I think that's an excellent idea! PARTY CRASHER!!!!!!!