Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Taco Wagon

For weeks, I've been driving by this on my way home from work:

That, my friends, is a portable building dubbed the Taco Wagon. Stationed in a vacant lot, this building on wheels claims to serve its namesake: tacos. Since noticing the Taco Wagon, I've been dying to sample the "$1.00 tacos" and "homemade tamales" the roadside banner advertises.

I tried convincing the husband one Sunday afternoon but received a firm "NO!"

Did you think I would give up that easily?

After scheming with a friend, we discovered both our husbands would be gone on a particular Friday night. So what better way to spend the evening and alleviate our curiosity?

That's when we arranged the Taco Wagon Wellness Night.

Great friends gathered to experience the restaurant on wheels. We were not disappointed. Or sick, after the fact, for all the skeptics out there.

And speaking of skeptics, the Mr. was still adamantly against the trying of the Taco Wagon, even after I survived the consumption of the roadside stand's vittles. I spoke of its glory, but there was no changing his mind.

But then something crazy happened today.

He asked where I wanted to have lunch. I said, "The Taco Wagon." He was still opposed to the idea. I dropped it. We got in the car. He began driving.......away from the main drag, where all the restaurants are........

He began driving toward the Taco Wagon.

My heart was soaring! Could it be? Was the Mr. giving in?

As he pulled into the lot where the restaurant-with-a-hitch sits, I had to throw my arms around him.

We ordered, and of course, he liked it. Chicken and steak tacos at their finest (with a Coke in a glass bottle, because drinking a Coke from a vintage style glass bottle is way more fun).

I'm so lucky. I have great, adventurous friends and a sweet husband that humors my silly, wild hares.

And now my Taco Wagon curiosity has been satisfied.


  1. Hmmm, that looks like a lunchable. Are you sure that didn't come with a juice box and small chocolate candy?? :)

  2. Excellent blog! Excellent adventure! I'm glad you got to go with Kenny, too. What a guy!

  3. It was a wonderful adventure and yummy food! So glad to hear Kenny tried! What a swell guy. Now to take my husband on the grand adventure to the "Taco Wagon!"

  4. It was an excellent adventure! What should our next one be??

  5. How fun! I love the top picture where it looks like the lady is waving from inside the Taco Wagon. I want to try this place. Is it open year round? =)

  6. sorta DOES look like a Lunchable, Andrea!

    Melissa, I'm not sure, but that's a great question. Let's think hard about that one!

    Natalie, so far, since its arrival, it has been open daily. I wish I knew how long it'll last! Business is booming though! They always have a constant stream of traffic!

  7. It would make it better if they sold wolf busts.

  8. I'm sorry that I missed the Taco Wagon adventure! Glad I got to come out later that night.