Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Exhibit A: The Bathroom Floor

Here begins the detailed explanation as to why my bathroom MUST be gutted. I have a mountain of evidence. I'll break it down in small doses. Today, it's the floor.

Before I proceed, I must say don't judge me.

Here's what I have:

That is a circa 1967 mosaic ceramic tile floor which is, indeed, coming up in places. This issue was discovered during the home inspection upon the removal of the bathroom carpet.

Yes, you heard me. Carpet. In the bathroom.

The inspector pulled back the carpet. I was ecstatic to find tile, however, the more carpet we pulled back, the worse the tile got. Oh well. I was in the market for a fixer-upper, so this was no match for me and my home improvement skills.

And yet, it remains undone. Thank goodness for rugs.

For awhile, I pretended like the floor was a giant jigsaw puzzle. If a piece came up, I'd find its spot and snap it into place. Unfortunately, it started to happen more frequently. Going barefoot soon became dangerous. Tile would get stuck to the bottom of my feet. And once, I almost impaled my heel on the corner of a rogue square of tile. That's when the puzzle no longer was fun. Now tiles make their way to the trash on a daily basis.


Here's what I want:

I dream of honeycomb mosaic tile in black and white. Just like a vintage bathroom would have. This would be simple to lay. We could do this in a day. Grout the next day. And seal a day or two later. But it's not just the floor that has issues.

Remember how I said gutted? Yes, the floor is only the tip of the iceberg. That's precisely WHY the floor hasn't been dealt with. It's so much more than just the floor. And we'll get into that another day...........

Oprah! HGTV! Do you hear me yet?


  1. Let's put a rogue bathroom tile in a geocache someday. It'll be our little joke.

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