Sunday, March 28, 2010


Spring break has come and gone. Back to work tomorrow. On this last chilly day I'm taking some time to think back over the week. It's been lovely. The week off has allowed me to catch up with so many wonderful people in my life. I'm very, VERY blessed to have so many amazing friends and such a sweet family.

It started with the annual
pedicure. Fun colors and
free nail polish! Thanks
Whit and Nancy!

Then later that night I won my first Scrabble game ever, thanks to a triple word score and the letters "f" and "k" in the word freak. 48 points baby!

Next was lunch after lunch with lots of different buddies: Andrea, Ashley, Julie, and Ang! Oh, how I love a leisurely lunch (or three) with my lovely ladies. Antique shopping too (STILL longing for a particular mirror that was a little too pricey).

Then there was family time. I have a precious family. Made the rounds to see all the grandparents (and their horses), along with the sister and babies. Mom and dad too, of course. Unfortunately, the Mr. was gone all week for work.

I didn't get a darn thing done on the house, other than keeping it clean. No painting or projects. But that's what I'll focus on this summer.

And speaking of summer, now my itch for the season is returning with full force. Nine weeks left in the school year. You BET I'm counting down.

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  1. How long did your polish last? Mine was scratched and dented within days. Now I know that my trip was stressful, and it's possible that I was chewing on my nails... but surely not my toes. What the heck? (Maybe my perfectionist girl wasn't that good after all?)