Monday, March 22, 2010

Exhibit B: The Tub

Here's what I have:

I detest the sliding shower doors. I loathe the tile on the shower wall, which has been patched in one spot and doesn't really match. And no matter how much bleach-filled cleaner I scrub the floor of the tub with, you can still see the outline of flower petals from a long gone bath mat.


Here's what I want:

Now I realize, I probably won't get a claw foot tub this time around. It's not practical, in this house with only one and half bathrooms..........the half having only a sink and toilet, of course. But in my lifetime, I'd really love to have a bathroom with a claw foot tub.

Since this probably isn't the most practical of options, I'm guessing I'll have to settle on a normal tub with a great shower curtain. Away with the sliding doors, and in with the cascading black and white damask!

And I'm STILL waiting on someone famous with a TV show to come rescue my bathroom, because crossing my arms and nodding my head I Dream of Jeannie style did NOT work......


  1. You know, I lived in an old house in college, complete with original clawfooted tub. Those are cute, but not that functional. VERY slick, and say bye-bye to all those nice organizing compartments/ledges in a shower. However, they are GREAT for baths! :)

    And, I've got those awful shower doors as well. I feel like mine are sooo hard to clean. I can take the doors off and de-lime them, but getting that lime out of those tracks is IMPOSSIBLE!! I feel your pain!

  2. Oh yes. I have these sliding doors too. What a pain! I agree.

    By the way... where are you going to put your shampoo bottles and your razor when you have such a cute tub?