Sunday, October 3, 2010

Domestic Escapade

After seeing a recipe on a friend's blog recently, I knew I had to make a batch of these muffins myself.....

I love all things pumpkin.

And cream cheese.

So combining the two?

Rill tasty.

This will be a great departure from my normal breakfast of peanut butter and bananas (that I scrunch my face up at every single day when I choke it down and almost gag ~ like I'm being forced to eat cole slaw and liver at the same time).

Thank you again, Amanda!


  1. Whoa Buddy! Those look mighty tasty! Will you share the recipe please?

  2. No problem. I want to make another batch, but I need to wait awhile because, though I sent some home with my brother, I ate entirely too many by myself.
    (sidenote - I found them even better the day after baking them)

  3. They were delightful! I will have to try them (I dub them worthy of using a can of pumpkin on)

  4. Nancy - of course!
    Ash - thanks!
    Andrea - fo sho!
    Amanda - thanks again!

  5. I want the recipe as well. Those look great! Glad I got one....hahaha!!!

  6. Heavenly! (And I'll never understand your morning banana forcings.)