Monday, January 9, 2012

Dear Winter,

I really appreciate how mild you've been.  I mean, it's been warm enough to spray paint.  And I love that.

But.  I'm warning you.  I will need some snow before spring arrives.

I realize it's still very early.  That's why I thought I'd warn you in advance.

Just a little reminder, I am very good at snow days.  And I'd hate to miss out on one this winter, as you've had a pretty good track record the last few years.

I believe in you, winter.  Despite what the Farmers' Almanac is telling me.

I believe in you.




  1. Dear Winter,

    Yeah! What she said. Don't be a hater, Winter.

  2. I only want snow if it means my clients' kiddos can't get to my house and I get a snow day, too. (Or perhaps I will call KY3 and tell them to put my name at the bottom with all of the school cancellations.)

  3. haha... warm enough to spray paint. Good one.
    I'm hoping for snow. Don't worry, it's still early!

  4. I need it to snow on like a Thursday and be clear by Monday. None of this whole week off business or I will be poor or in a ditch.

  5. Absolutely no snow. None! Remember those great school years when there wasn't a snow day? Oh, how I miss those years. I think I have turned old all of a sudden and need an RV and will follow the warm weather. Oh wait, maybe I need a rich husband to support that idea!