Sunday, March 9, 2014

Influenster VoxBox

It's VoxBox review time!  This one was filled with something for me and the mister......

Each box I've received has had a product that I'm curious about but had never purchased.  And each time I've found a new product that I would buy again after trying it out for free from Influenster!

This time, that product was the John Frieda Frizz Ease Flat Iron Spray.  I love the scent......and I LOVE how smooth my hair looks after straightening it (even with my cheap Wal-Mart straightener).  Not only does it help with smoothing down the hair, but it's also a heat protectant.  I will be purchasing this when my bottle runs out!

Next up, Red Rose tea.  I love hot tea.  But I'm also sort of a tea brat.  I like Constant Comment by Bigelow, and it's not often that other brands live up to my favorite.  And honestly, while the Creme Caramel was tasty, it was no Constant Comment.  So, I'll be finishing off the Red Rose, but I probably wouldn't purchase it in the future.

Getting masks and cleansers is always fun.  This time it was a bottle of Boots Botanics Clay Mask.  This was way more watery than expected......and I wasted a little on my first attempt.  But a clay mask it is.......and I suppose how runny it was made the application easier!  It seems to do what it claims. 

I couldn't believe the box came with a HUGE bag of Hershey's Kisses!  No review necessary!  LOVE!  YUM!  They immediately were put in my candy jar on the kitchen counter!

The mister benefited from this box also.  He received the Vaseline Spray Lotion.  He has used it daily!  I think it smells way better than what he was using previously, as it's not a heavy cologne type scent!  This is a product we would both buy again.  But I knew that already from getting the Total Moisture version in one of my first VoxBoxes.

Finally, I received Kiss Looks So Natural Lashes.  Now, while I think this product is super fun, I have not tried these out.  So I cannot really review them.

I mean, imagine me showing up to teach my fourth graders with false eyelashes.

Maybe I should?

They do claim to "look so natural".

I could give a prize to the first kiddo to notice.

still being [molly]

Thanks again to Influenster for letting me try out some fun new-to-me free products!
Influenster has offered me TWO invites for folks who are interested in signing up and linking their social media accounts in hopes of also getting free goodies.

Sooooo to the first TWO folks who leave email addresses in the comments, the invites are yours!  You need to have an active FB, Pinterest, and Twitter account to link up once your invite arrives!!!

Now who wants free stuff!? 


  1. I say that you should definitely wear the lashes and give a prize to the first 4th grader who comments on them.

    I can hear it now... :) :)

  2. oooh what a nice box!! When I got those eye lashes I used them for my bachlorette party.... so maybe save them for the next girls night out? :)

  3. Oh, how fun. You always get so many cool things to try out. I totally vote for you to wear your false eyelashes to school. Love the idea of giving the first to notice a prize. And, I kinda want to see pictures of you in them!

  4. I think the fake lashes could be fun for a date night or a dress up day at school?? And this box is a total grand slam because it has KISSES!!!!!


  5. I've been wanting to try that Boots mask for a little while now. Maybe I'll have to go hit Target today...
    : )

  6. owow! This little box is wonderful!!! I should definitely try that frizz ease! Thanks for linking up with Funday Monday!