Sunday, March 23, 2014


Around here, I've gone from snow days to spring break to back to the grind.  And in the middle of all of that, I've done a little bit of finding this vintage kilim purse......

It's perfect.  It's roomy.  It's surprisingly functional.  The colors.

I could go wild at the shop where I found it. 

*   *   *   *

Had the ladies over for the Bachelor finale.......

Best After the Final Rose episode e.v.e.r.

*   *   *   *

Found a perfect vintage chenille rug for the laundry room.......

Sir Chester likes to lay on it while I get ready every morning.

*   *   *   *

Tried my hand at making homemade waffles.........

How have I owned a waffle maker for ten years and not used it til now?

*   *   *   *
Went succulent shopping.........

I've killed all previously purchased succulents. 

I keep buying them anyway.

Surely one day I'll get the hang of it?

still being [molly]


  1. Love that bag and absolutely LOVE the rug!!! You have such great taste!! Keep trying with the succulents...I had years of killing everything off and they are now thriving in my kitchen window. I've upgraded myself from a black thumb to a brown thumb. ;)

    Did you see that idea (on Facebook, maybe?) where you put cinnamon roll dough in the waffle iron and cook it into waffles? I so want to try that!

    1. WHAT!?! I must look for that idea! Talk about easy!!!!! And less clean up!

      Thank you! :) I will keep at it because I love those silly things! What's the trick to not drowning them? I have the whole watering thing completely wrong.

    2. I've read conflicting theories on how to water, so I'm somewhere in the middle. Honestly, I just don't water them very often. Maybe once every couple of weeks during the winter or if I notice they're drying out, I'll go ahead and water again. I give them a decent drink at that time and then let them dry out again. In the summer time I do a little more often. I have them in a west-facing window that gets a ton of good sunlight in the afternoon, which I think helps a lot. Good luck!!!!

  2. Plants are REALLY hard to keep alive! But the waffles look amazing!!


  3. That bag is wonderful!!! Great find. And those waffles...they look delicious!