Sunday, March 16, 2014

Thrifting Frenzy

Spring break thrifting treated me well......

I found a little bit of everything!  From pillows to glassware.......and baskets to suitcases. 

Of course, some to keep.  But also some to sell.

What's already in the booth?  That brown suitcase above is!  As well as spring clothes..........

I found a version of that floral dress on Etsy for a pretty penny!

(Disclaimer.  Those dress forms aren't mine.  I realllllly want one.  However, those are both priced at almost $200.  I figured I should try one out to see if I really needed it.  And I don't really need it.  But I do really love it.)

Moving on to what's not in the booth (yet)......

All springy and bright!

And as spring break ends, another round of winter weather is heading our way.

If spring break gets extended by one day, you won't hear me complaining.

It'll give me time to decide what items to hoard or price.  And maybe do that school work I brought home but haven't touched.


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  1. What GREAT finds. Curious to see what else will make it to your shop. Love that swan plant potter.

  2. Cute finds!! You always find some great stuff.

  3. LOVE it!!! I had a dress in that exact print for sale except it had longer sleeves like the Etsy link, not quite the same cut, though. I can't remember if it sold or not, but I betcha yours will go quickly. I really like the short sleeves on it better.

    Um, also, if you decide to sell that needlepoint, I'll buy it from you!!! Just let me know. For a friend. Yeah, for a friend. ;)

    1. HA! You'll be the first to know! Promise! It needs a good cleaning, but I don't want to mess it up!

      Clothing is funny in the booth.........I'll sell it like crazy.........then it won't sell for weeks/months! How does it do for you?

    2. Ha ha ha! ;) I'm glad you don't judge my hoarding ways!!

      Clothing sells the same for me. Several pieces will sell at once and then NOTHING until the next month. I don't get it!

    3. No judging here! ;)

      Good to hear!!!! So bizarre! March has been great for clothing so far. But Feb. was really slow.

  4. I want one of those BH&G gardening books sooo badly! Not that I actually garden or anything (black thumb) -- but it matches my decorating and home repair ones from the same era. So pretty! My other fave is the yellow planter. Nice haul, lady!

  5. Gorgeous scores all around, love how you've staged them in the first photo.

    1. THANK YOU! My neighbors probably thought I was losing it........on my front porch.........fiddling around with all that stuff!

  6. I love all the knits, awesome finds!
    xo Andrea

    Boho Bunnie

  7. Dang! Spring break was nice to you! Love that dress and the planters.