Tuesday, April 22, 2014

What I Wore (addictions)

I am addicted to Hello Apparel.  I'd happily take one of everything in their shop.  So when a floral version of their signature t-shirt came out, I had to have it..........

A springy t-shirt paired with a mint cardigan was the perfect outfit for welcoming Easter weekend.

*   *   *   *

And while we're talking about addictions, I might have another new one.

Toms wedges........


These are my first pair of Toms.

(I know.  I live under a rock.)

Anyway, I had been looking for a nice neutral wedge.  One that would match everything.  One that wasn't tooooo towering, as I'm already gifted in the height department.  And most importantly, one that was comfortable.

I knew when I tried them on, that these were it.......

Now I'm wondering what other wonderful Toms stuff I've been missing out on.  

Don't tell me though.

My willpower is teetering.

*   *   *   *
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  1. Cute! I have been on a mission to find sandals of some sort that I can wear with several things this summer.

  2. Love those shoes!! And I don't have any Toms either- gasp!!! ;) I laughed out loud at the "gifted in the height department" and I am going to start using that phrase (5'8" here).

    1. My nephew even has a pair and he's in Kindergarten!

      YESSSS! I'm 5'7" so I rarely WANT to be taller, but something about wearing flats all the time made me want a change!

  3. That top is so pretty. I follow them on instagram and have been itching to buy something for a while. Such cute stuff.

  4. I LOVE Hello Apparel too! I own two of their shirts and they are the best for summer....you are making me want to get the floral one!! And I still don't own a pair of TOMs...what????

  5. Oooooo.... I LOVE that shirt!!! : D


  6. I've really been wanting a pair of TOMS wedges! They look so comfortable!


  7. Those are cute ones too! I just got my first pair as well! ~Tammy

    1. THANKS! Aren't they fun! I'm glad we both jumped on this trend!

  8. Very cute tshirt! And I don't own a pair of Toms either, they aren't comfy to me. However your wedges may need further consideration...


  9. cute tshirt! and it totally shocks me you've never had a pair of Toms. You must try their wedge booties in the fall...perfection!