Sunday, August 28, 2016

Table Talk

Our to-do list around here is a mile long.  Some things are $$$$ and are pretty far down the list.  But some things are less expensive, and all we need is time!  Time was abundant this summer, so one of those cheaper things got crossed off the list!

Let me back up a little though.

The home we sold a year ago had two smaller eating areas, so we had two smaller dining sets.  Neither of which would work in our 1921 Craftsman as there is only one dining space here, and it is B.I.G.  Luckily, the mister's aunt had a large, old trestle table just sitting in storage that we were happy to latch on to for the time being.  And it was free.

But it was not pretty.......

There was damage to the top in the form of melted wax that had eaten into the wood.  But nothing a little wood filler and paint couldn't cover.

Now normally, I wouldn't be on board with painting an original piece, but this isn't exactly antique.  Probably 70's.  And with the damage, there was really no way around it.

So two coats of flat acrylic and one good waxing later, we had a bright white table........

I really love how it turned out.  How the paint brought out the detail in the table base.  And how fresh and clean it feels.

This room is slowly evolving!  First the chandelier update and now the table!  Next up, painting the walls.

Goodbye lime green!

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  1. Perfect....and I agree the white paint really brought out the turned legs. Lookin' good!

    1. Thank you so much! I really appreciate it! I hope you're loving your new neighborhood!!!