Tuesday, December 16, 2008


After a lovely evening with my sister, nephew, and a great taco dinner, I stepped gingerly onto Hill's sidewalk to leave. I must not have stepped cautiously enough, because before I knew it, I was flat on my back........sprawled on the concrete. It was one of those legs up in the air types of falls. I guess on my way down, I screamed because Hill came running back to the front door. After she stopped cracking up, she explained that she rushed to the door because my scream made her think I was being attacked. I was attacked! By that dang slippery sidewalk!

Hill must have immediately called mom to spread the news because seconds after I was in my car, mom called to check on me. I think she wanted to offer a little comfort too by mentioning that dad also bit the dust in the backyard today.

I've recovered from the incident, mostly. I'll admit to cracking up afterward, while texting Kenny about the event.

I predict that my left side will hurt in the morning.


  1. Love it! Something about watching people fall is such a funny thing. So glad you are ok though.

    Oh and there was this one time that I fell..........jk....you know what I'm saying!!!!

  2. I agree and will admit to laughing at the expense of others falling down.

    And yes, I get ya ;)