Monday, December 8, 2008

The Mix-Up

Take a good, long look at the picture below. What is wrong with what you see? Not sure? Look again.................

Yeah, that's what I thought. You figured it out, right? One brown shoe on the right foot......and a black shoe on the left. Let me explain...........

This morning, as I was sitting down at my desk AT WORK, I caught a glimpse of my feet. Once the shock and horror subsided, I broke into a fit of laughter. What else can you do when you wear one of each shoe color to WORK............and you live 30 minutes away????

I decided to deal with it. Whitney mentioned that I should give candy to the first student to point it out. Why not make it a game? Sounded good! Except that I waited until 2:40 p.m. to dish out that one piece of candy (and we dismiss at 3:00)! We'll blame that on it being a Monday......

And we'll blame my mix up on it being Monday too. Yes, the lights WERE on when I grabbed my shoes. No I DID NOT pay attention when I grabbed one left and right shoe. And of course I wouldn't notice them feeling any different due to the shoes being the same exact style. When you find a comfy shoe, you go for it! I needed both colors!

You can be sure this won't happen again.........


  1. In your defense, the photograph makes the difference in color seem SO MUCH more apparent than in real life. Until you made me stare at your shoes this morning, I would NOT have noticed.

    But just to clarify, if you get some anonymous email that lovingly pokes fun at your mistake... I definitely did not send it. Definitely not.

  2. Thanks for making my Monday funny. It was fabulous! Perhaps you should use this as an excuse to get a nifty closet shoe organizer. Lesson learned, if you are going to buy shows of the same style, look down before leaving the house. Love it!

  3. That is funny and you don't even have blonde hair!

  4. Great story! Wish I could have been there to laugh with you!! Better to deal with it with a laugh instead of a cry.

  5. Your story IS funny. ;) Not too uncommon though. So don't feel bad! Apparently my mom did it twice! :) She was also a teacher, but lived only 15 minutes away. So she ran home before school started.