Monday, December 22, 2008

Sneak Attack Photo Day: My Version

If you've already read Whitney's blog, you know all about Sneak Attack Photo Day. If you HAVEN'T, well first of all, you NEED to..........second of all, let me fill you in........

Last week, Whitney and Ashley devised a plan to launch a sneak attack of photo taking during the school day. This occurring ONLY when we didn't have kids, of course! Education is our first priority. BUUUTTT when our darlings were off to lunch, recess, or music, we decided to partake in the festivus (Sneak Attack Photo Day). We promise that no students were harmed in the making of Sneak Attack Photo Day.

It began on the look out for my first victim.........

I spotted her! In a paparazzi style barrage of flashes, I captured my first collection of sneak attack photos..............

After a moment of regrouping at my desk, I decided to scout out my next victim. The next one would be tricky though, so I had to work extra HARD at hiding.........

Catching Ashley off guard was next to impossible.........always ready and posed, it was hard to sneak up on her!

One last mission was necessary to complete photo documentation needed for this day to be a success. It would require the utmost in surveillance techniques.........the poinsettia camouflage! It had been very successful for Whitney, so I just had to try it out..........

It looked like the last few shots of the day would be perfect! Hidden by the foliage of the poinsettia, I was able to take the last round of pictures............

BUT WAIT! What would Sneak Attack Photo Day be without some actual video footage????

I probably shouldn't quit my day job, huh?


  1. Looks like you too had a great day! So much fun at E2!!! Some of the pictures were hillarious!

  2. I LOVE IT!

    Three things:
    1. Your hiding place photos are my favorite. (I can't believe you are tiny enough to fit in the dang trashcan.)

    2. I love the word, "festivus".

    3. Next year, we're totally getting under Ashley's desk and scaring the crap out of her.

  3. I agree! Next year, an Ashley ambush is in order!

    Did you notice the boy behind you in line is trying to shield you from my camera in the video? Cracked me up when I noticed.

  4. I noticed that just now! Sweet boy.

  5. Umm... I think I have had my fill of the scaring from last Halloween. Do you remember Danavee? The email and the food flying everywhere? Let's just not and say we did. Very cute post, I need to get mine up before I head off for Christmas. People may wonder how teachers stay tuned on their creative side, welp, this is one way.

  6. You hid in a garbage can! That is hilarious. I am also impressed at how many shenanigans posts you have.