Sunday, January 11, 2009

Something Else I Like

Disclaimer: My friends know I like old, funny, strange what I'm sharing won't phase them...........I like weird stuff!

I love local folklore and urban legends. Ever heard of the "albino farm" or drive by "Dinky's" on your way to Silver Dollar City (the Reeds Spring way)? How bout Dogpatch USA? I found a website that offers explanations and information about lots of local spots......including photos!

I discovered that the albino farm did NOT exist...........and that Dinky's was, well, dinky!


  1. Yes, the albino farm does exsist, I have been there. Also, there is a cemetary come place that is really creepy... I hate ghost stuff but was really into it in high school. I am excited to check out the website, and yes you are weird but I love you anyways... haha.

  2. Interesting website, Danavee! "Going everywhere you're not supposed to go in the Ozarks." I'm currently adding your name to my classroom's explorer graphic organizer. Your name is right there in between Dora, the Explorer, and Indiana Jones, incidentally.