Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Yoga - Round Two

Class is back in session.........yoga class, that is! This last class I found to be extra fun! We've learned some new stuff this time around, and we have LOTS of buddies joining us!

I was disappointed tonight when it was time for relaxation and our instructor said we didn't have time to do "sparkles." It's probably our fave relaxation sequence, mainly because we crack up and have to muffle our giggles for the entire 5 minute narration. Something to look forward to for next week, I guess.

That reminds me of a Yoga Haiku I wrote in honor of last year's class:

Gold, Silver, Copper
Floating, drifting, hovering
A cloud over me

Next week, during sparkles, take a moment and recite this haiku while you're relaxing.....then try not to explode with laughter, while the sparkles are floating down around you.


  1. What?! You mean you didn't like the "band of light"? The band of light that slowly moved up and over our chins... and our mouths.... and then up over our noses? The band of light that started to suggest the idea of being smothered?! The band of light that started to make me hyperventilate?

    I thought it was so relaxing.

  2. I know I had a really hard time with the band of light. Looking forward to the sparkles next week!!!

  3. Are you sure you are not drinking?