Wednesday, January 7, 2009


So every year I contemplate a resolution or two, even though I've NEVER been successful at keeping them. The ONLY resolution I've ever kept wasn't even for the new year. After my first year of teaching, I resolved to keep my desk clean at all cost, so at the end of a long day, I wouldn't have to dig through piles. For some reason, that one stuck!

Other resolutions, however, are quickly forgotten within weeks of making them. For instance, I have a stack of random dvd's devoted to exercise. I buy them with very good them once from the comfort of my couch, to see what I'm getting myself into, and then I maybe try them once or twice. They are collecting a nice layer of dust, as we speak!

I also try money related NO more shopping, using my Express credit card, or getting take out. None of those ever seem to stick either.

But THIS YEAR I'm putting it in writing! I am REALLY gonna try to stay away from the mall! I DO NOT need any shoes! Or sweaters! Also, I am gonna MAKE food at home and enjoy only the occasional take out treat! As for work, I'm really gonna work on planning ahead! I already have next week planned in reading and social studies!

You might check back in a month to see how I'm doing. And as a precaution, I'm going freeze my Victoria's Secret and Express cards in a block of ice!

Oh wait, they can look up your card number for you at the store ;)


  1. WOW! Lots of goals for the new year. Good for you! I'm sure the shopping one will be the hardest, but I just read a Glamour and it talked about just putting different things together to make you feel like you have a whole new outfit. You have such a good fashion sense, I'm sure you can pull that off!!!

  2. Umm... My Express card is hidden in one sock in my sock drawer, if that isn't funny I don't know what is. Until I get it paid off, that is where it is staying because it would be mighty difficult to find it. The eating in, I am attempting too. If I was home more I would say we could alternate eating nights, but we both know that story.