Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sir Chester

It all started with a missed call and a voicemail Monday morning that I really didn't give any thought to. The mister's mom found a stray in her neighborhood. Would we be interested?

Well, the dog conversation HAD been a huge topic of discussion the last few months. So this question wasn't off base by any means. But we were still waffling with the idea. No minds had been made up.

We had lots of ideas about what kind of dog it would be. I sort of wanted to adopt a retired greyhound or whippet. The mister had his top picks too. But we weren't completely committed to taking the leap just yet.

Until yesterday.

Like I said, the voicemail didn't leave me yearning. I had no intentions of being a dog owner by evening.

The mister's mom called again after work. This time, we agreed to meet the dog with no expectations of bringing it home. I was pretty resolute in my stance. The mister was solid too. We were humoring at this point.

But my strong facade was destroyed the moment I saw him. He had me at ruff-ruff. It was love at first sight. And I'm pretty sure the mister was smitten just as fast.....

Meet Sir Chester! In the few hours we've had him, I've fallen more in love. We've learned a few things already:
  • He fetches quite nicely.
  • He understands the word NO.
  • He hasn't barked once.
  • He's just the right amount of playful.
  • He slept in his kennel all night without making a peep (knock on wood).
  • He tries to hide his chew toys.
  • He likes chasing rabbits in our backyard, and boy is he fast.
  • He likes the outdoors.
After losing Bud last year, I wasn't sure if I was ready for another dog. But I think Sir Chester was meant to be. My heart is bursting with happiness and love for this little rescue.


  1. I haven't met him yet, but I'm sure, by the looks of him, he'd give 'my' Rocky a run for his money. He's absolutely adorable.
    And love that name...

  2. Love it! So glad that you could rescue such a sweet looking dog. I am sure he will be loved!