Wednesday, May 5, 2010


It was that time again recently.

Driver's license renewal time.

I was apprehensive about it. Did I have all the correct documentation? Could I even find my birth certificate? What if I didn't pass the eye exam? I don't wear glasses or contacts, and I haven't noticed a deterioration, but if anything could go wrong, wouldn't that be it?

But really, that should have been the least of my worries.

Little did I know (or remember from ten years ago) that they also quiz you on road signs. Blank roadsigns. With color and symbols only. No words.

I get that words would defeat the purpose. But seriously?

I had a small moment upon this realization. But it was over in no time, and relief washed over me. Stop sign, no U-turn, merge, no left turn, traffic light problem! And then it was time for my picture to be taken.

I left smiling like a Cheshire cat with a new license in hand. The gal even let me preview my picture to make sure I liked it. I was pleased as punch.

Until about a mile down the road, when that smile disappeared as I realized something. This was NOT a yield sign, as I had confidently stated during the quiz..........

Without the words Do Not Enter, one could easily confuse it for the yield sign, right? Think about seeing it blank......just a red circle and white rectangle. Yield wasn't that far off, was it?

That pleased, possibly smug feeling I had had was immediately washed away with feelings of stupidity.

Panic replaced glee.

Once I got home, I immediately googled road signs. How many did I get wrong?

My license was renewed, so I shouldn't care, right? But the straight A student and perfectionist in me was still beating myself up.

Oh well. Five out of six ain't bad, I guess....


  1. I also remember panic in that first moment when I realized I had to 'know something' in order to renew. I think your confident mistake was better than my, "uhhh... gosh I'm not sure about that one".

    Happy with your pic then? You'll have to offer it up, lady.

  2. You crack me up!! I can remember getting my license renewed and I did have alittle bit of anxiety when I saw the blank signs as well. It is very nerve racking!!