Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Solution (sort of)

Since I now have a coffeepot on my counter, I had to balance the hatred I feel towards it with something I completely adore.

And I think I've found that something.

I knew exactly what I wanted. I found a few on ebay even.

But I wanted it now. And without shipping costs. So I took myself to four antique shops looking for it.

And B.I.N.G.O.

Shop number four yielded me exactly what I wanted......

A vintage "hoosier" jar with the word coffee embossed on the front. It was even in a booth featuring 20% off.

And if I'm being honest, now that I've experienced life with a coffeepot, and I can have cup after cup (doctored up just right) I'll admit that it's not so bad having this new appliance junking up my counter space. Especially now that I've got my new vintage jar right next to it.

My solution (sort of).

And to further add to my happiness, the first Farmers' Market flowers of the year were purchased this weekend!

I brought them home and arranged them in a vintage vase that I got at an auction a few years ago.

(Please ignore the paneled wall in the's not called a fixer upper for nothing.)

I love the pink flowers, but have no idea what they are! Help, folks! I'd love to grow them in my backyard. Anyone, anyone?


  1. Great compromise. I love the jar. How is the coffee turning out, by the way? Do you make a Pumpkin Spice Latte?

  2. I'm still in the water to coffee grounds ratio phase. It's been too strong lately. So no, I haven't moved on to other stuff yet. Don't worry. It's in the works. You can buy Cinnamon Dolce syrup from Starbucks. I fully intend on doing so.

  3. Way to go Danavee! So proud you are trying to give up your Starbucks addiction!!

  4. So cute!! I will be coming over for morning drinks soon! :)