Thursday, January 13, 2011

Is It Possible..... have too many boots?

No way! have too many vintage mirrors?

Are you kidding me?
The more, the merrier!
Especially with chippy paint.

Speaking of chippy paint, can you have too many vintage chippy paint things?

Yet another resounding NO!

And is it possible to be addicted to taking pictures?



In fact, this has caused me to embark on a new adventure in cyberworld.

I blame my friend Schlager. She introduced me to Shuttercal. It's a free "calendar-based daily photography project" as stated on their homepage.

So now, everyday, I try to find something worthy of photographing.

Some days are cinch! Other days are not-so-cinch.

But even with the random inspiration-less days, it's still a fun way to document life, including the mundane. I do not claim or attempt to be any sort of photographer. That's not what it is for me. It's truly just a life documentation thing.

My life on Shuttercal includes most of December and 13 whole days of January.

I have no idea what I should take a picture of today. But it probably won't be too exciting. And that's just fine with me.


  1. Totally agree on the chippy paint things - all my frames are chipped and I love it. Even if they are empty. Keep taking photos - I just may hire you :) Ashley said she wanted TONS of photos of you and Whitney dancing at her wedding :)

  2. Shuttercal!!! Dang! I've been forgetting all about it still! Crudola. I wanted to start in Jan.

  3. Sarah, I'll carry your lenses anytime! And I'll work on my photography skills. As for dancing, you KNOW we're all over that. I'm perfecting my sprinkler move.

    Whit.....get onnnn it. Do it.