Thursday, January 6, 2011

Love & Hate

Love: Draining tubs, washers, and flushing toilets

Today was special because after four days with a clogged drainage system, I came home to flushing, non-overflowing toilets, a tub that drained, and a washer that did not back up into the tub. Which would then not drain. And had to be bailed out with Tupperware bowls into the front yard. Because dumping them in the sink only made the tub refill with the just bailed water.

Good times.

Using every towel you own to frantically soak up toilet water is not my idea of a relaxing evening upon returning to work after Christmas break.

After Hours Plumbing helped salvage my sanity.

Properly draining pipes. Such a small thing. I'm thankful for it.


Hate: Ceiling fans

My feelings for ceiling fans can best be described in a very brief monologue by me:
"I hate them."

My hatred for ceiling fans is equal to my hatred for appliances on counters in the kitchen. I hate appliances on the counters in the kitchen just. as. much. as I hate ceiling fans.

But here's the deal.....there are some things that are just necessary evils.

Like ceiling fans.

And the occasional appliance on a kitchen counter.

Sooooo when replacing the lighting in the revamped living room, we knew we needed another ceiling fan to replace the old one. Mainly because the wood-burning fireplace is in that room. And when that's roaring, a ceiling fan is required to circulate the air.

Thus being a necessary evil.

But with an updated living room, we needed an updated fixture. One without caned blades....

Not to mention being monstrous.

Instead we went for something much smaller and less ornate......

Still a ceiling fan. Still hated. But less awful. Right?

Oh, anyone need a used ceiling fan, in great working order, with an antiqued brass patina?


  1. No, sorry. I am more in the market for a used ceiling fan with sort of a grapey patina. Smile.

  2. I totally hate appliances on the counter too. We use the toaster everyday and everyday I put it away. I have a knife set too that sits on the counter. It actually drives me crazy to see it sitting out.