Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Diary of a Living Room.....The End......Almost

Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Final Coat

The hardwoods were finished on December 18th.

In order to move back into the living room, we had to paint so Bob could install the trim.

We still haven't moved back into the living room.

Yes, I know what date it is now.

Painting the living room took forever.

We did have the holidays to contend with and I was sick over Christmas break, so cut us a little slack, please!

But seriously, the process was multifaceted. It wasn't as simple as slapping some paint up. The previously wallpapered paneling had to be primed first. One coat wasn't enough, so two coats later and sick from the fumes, we were ready for paint......

The primer was a transformation in itself! I almost didn't want to put "Homestead Resort Gold" on the walls.

But we did. And another two coats later.....

Mission accomplished!

Then finally, it was time to deal with the entry. I decided to change it up. It went from "Cherry Cobbler" to my kitchen color "Fire Weed."

The change was very subtle, but I really like it.

Bob has now been summoned to come install the trim. Please cross your fingers that he'll make it this weekend! My sofa wants its home back. My car wants its garage.

And I'm so over scraping frost off my windshield every morning.


  1. Love the Fire Weed. It looks fabulous!

  2. Oh yes, yes, yes. I LOVE the entry color. It goes much better as a pairing with the gold. I can't WAIT to see everything with the trim.

  3. I really liked the wall colors! Hope you get to move back in soon.