Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Great Weekend & Fickle Weather

What could be better than spending time with friends, shopping, eating......all while it's almost 70 degrees.......in the middle of winter?

I can't think of much!

We are good at having a fun time no matter what we're doing. I'm really lucky to have such amazing girlfriends.

From left: Andrea, Whit, Ash, and me

Getting a coat that was originally $130 for $25.48 was pretty great too. I love the dark olive color and fur collar! Thank you American Eagle clearance rack.

Or getting a Coach purse that was $378 for $104.30 wasn't too bad either.

Don't judge me for spending that much on a purse.

Just don't.

Here we are just a few days later with a blizzard warning and drifting snow. It's definitely a winter wonderland out there.

I only wish two things had happened prior to being snowed in and getting more snow days......

1. Bob would have come. He didn't.
2. I wouldn't have come down with strep throat.

Stupid fevers, sore throats, and trimless living rooms.


  1. I have the same coat... in blue! Great deal.
    Happy snow day!

  2. Thanks for the fun weekend, girls!!!! And feel better soon, Danavee!

  3. Did you make snow ice cream this week?

  4. YES I DID!!!!!!!!!!! It was SO TASTY! All you need is snow, sugar, vanilla, and milk!

  5. I love the style of the purse! Is it roomy?

  6. It's cavernous! Huuuuge! I'm in love. Had my sis return the Hawaii one!

  7. WHOA! You must be in love with the new one! I really like the color too.

  8. Hope you're feeling better & can enjoy your snow days. Thanks so much for the nice comment -- I can always count on you. Your name is in the drawing. By the way, you should have had some of my hot spiced chai tea. Feels so good on a sore throat. Jan