Sunday, February 13, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things....

Flaming sushi from Kai.....

And a great Friday night dinner with old friends!

 *   *   *

Hysterical blog posts based on a silly photo........

And working with the best folks!!!

*   *   *

Funtiques and Leola's........

And shopping with good friends.
And finding goodies to buy, even 
though you don't need more goodies.

*   *   *

Cake Pops......

And checking out their new store.

And buying tasty treats.
All in the name of Valentine's Day.

*   *   *

Listening to jazz at  Springfield Brewing Co.....

And seeing our friend rock it out on trumpet.
He.  Is.  Incredible.

*   *   *

Getting the sofa back inside the house.....

And looking forward to watching the
Bachelor on Monday nights in the living room, as
opposed to the bedroom, since all Bachelor related
shows are banished from our other living room.
So sayeth the mister.

*   *   *

My busy weekend was full of favorites.
I feel lucky. 


  1. I love how the living room looks. Apparently the tv is not entertaining to Sir Chester? It must have been a long weekend for him too.

  2. I love cake pops! Frank got a dozen hidden around the house for Valentine's Day.

  3. So glad that Leola's was one of your favorite things. Love all your favorites except not so sure about the sushi. Your wood floors look wonderful & know it must be such a relief to get the furniture back. My tv favorite on Mon. night is Antiques Roadshow. Happy Valentines Day!

  4. Love the livingroom. Have I mentioned I love the livingroom? Hey, Danavee! I LOVE the livingroom!