Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Find the Fiction

I was given some homework.

Blogging homework

It was handed out by Whit, after she had completed the assignment herself.  Brilliant and terribly fun idea.

It all began on Monday, when we had an all day teacher workshop at school.  One activity we did for fun was called "Find The Fiction."  We had to write three sentences about ourselves.  Two were true.  One was false.  We had to present our statements to our team, and they had to decide which was false.

My homework was to whip up a blog entry, stating my facts and a fib, and open it up for predictions.  So like any good student, I'm accepting this challenge.  Even though it's optional.

Because it's fun.

And because my living room isn't completely ready to unveil just yet.  And you probably didn't want to read another Sir Chester story.

So without further ado, my facts and a fib, in no particular order........

1.  I failed my first driver's test.  Because I ran a red light.  And then sort of hit another car.

2.  At my very first piano recital, I played the first note of my song, stopped, looked out into the audience at my teacher, and exclaimed, "Something is wrong with this piano!"

3.  After driving for the very first time, I pulled into the garage only to hit the gas instead of the brakes.  And sort of plowed into the freezer.  Which sort of hit the wall.  And sort of put a huge hole in the sheetrock.


Okay, now it's your turn for homework!

Assignment #1:  Comment below with your prediction.  Which is my fib?  Am I a reformed, terrible driver?  Was I a sassy piano student?  What's your best guess???

Assignment #2:  If you have your own blog, you have to play along and create your own Find The Fib!  I promise to put in my prediction!

Oh, and I also promise to tell you the bitter truth after the votes are in.

Until then, you might watch out for a small, red car zipping through traffic.




  1. This is hard! I am going to guess number 1 is the fib...

  2. That was tough! I'm going to go with number 3 as the fib.

  3. I'm going with numbero uno.

    *Word verification: hicker, really?