Sunday, February 20, 2011

Meet My Mantel

I'd like you to introduce you to my newly decorated mantel, but first, let's talk about the trials and tribulations of deciding on the perfect decor for it.

For months, I had struggled with what to put up there.  It had never been decorated to my liking.  I just put stuff up there for the sake of filling it with something.

I wanted it to be simple and uncluttered.  I wanted to tie the wall color into whatever I decided on.  And since the actual fireplace is black, I knew I wanted there to be a splash of that color too.  I even considered painting the brick. 

Anyway, I finally figured out what I wanted on my very first snow day.  It hit me after taking stock of things in my special room.

I wanted a black and gold mantel.

I already had most of the elements to create it.  However, it was still lacking a great focal point.  But after one trip to Leola's, all my problems were solved.  I found my focal point and was ready to arrange........


The only thing I had to purchase was that black and gold frame.  I'd purchased everything else up there previously and had been storing it in the special room.

That's how I function.  I buy something when it speaks to me, whether I have a purpose for it or not.  I store it in my special room until it finds a home.

Thus, I'm often called a hoarder by the mister and my friends.

The empty gold frames were a $1.00 each at a yard sale.  The mirror was $17 at Relics.  The candle holder was from Leola's, but I'd had it awhile ($18).  And I'd had that clock for well over ten still works........and has the loveliest hourly chime (when I wind it)........and was quite expensive back in the day ($150).

Let's stand back a little and look at it all again.......

All vintage.  All black and gold.  Perfect.  
And even better in person!

I do believe all this proves that there are benefits to being a hoarder.

So there.


  1. I have only just now learned that mantel is spelled mantel and NOT mantle. Thank you! Your special room is good for many things. Like decor, neat antiques, obscure childhood accessories.... and education. It IS so very special.

  2. Hey, there's nothing wrong with hoarders until it starts to smell. Your mantel looks amazing -- is it really spelled mantel????

  3. This "special room" you speak of is quite intriguing...

  4. I appreciate your justification of all that is the special room. HOWEVER, I still think you should purge, purge, purge. But, it is always fun to say, "I need..." and hear the response of, "I've got it!" every time.
    Love the fireplace, love the room, can't wait to see the house complete =)

  5. Love the mantel! And a small world it is! Those girls are amazing! Can't believe how small the world is...